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My Kicking, Crying Child Was All of Us Today

  My daughter had an epic tantrum at Target today, and I'm pretty sure she did it on behalf of all of us. I mean after this week, who doesn't want to flail on the floor kicking and screaming while flinging Target Optical business cards in all directions? We were at Target to buy a bike… Continue reading My Kicking, Crying Child Was All of Us Today


The doing will come

Today my daughter woke me up while I was in the middle of a dream. In my dream I was urgently helping and doing. I was a woman of action. When I woke up I quickly reminded myself that there is no doing. Not yet. The doing will come. But for now, it is being. Being… Continue reading The doing will come

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Why Donald Trump Compels Me to Speak

Do you hear the quiet hum that is slowly rattling the china? The whistle that is building to a roar? For some it was the bragging about sexual assault. For others, the name-calling and body-shaming. For me, it was Jane Doe's story.  Jane's story was largely buried, for to speak of it was to admit it was… Continue reading Why Donald Trump Compels Me to Speak