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Holiday self-care: visions versus reality

Let's just say expectations don't always match reality.

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Wishing You a Very Andy Williams Christmas

Guess which Christmas song is my daughter's favorite? A live recording of Andy Williams performing what might be the cheesiest, grooviest  rendition of Jingle Bells that you have EVER HEARD. Those dancers! The jazzy flutes! I cannot get enough of this song. What makes it extra special is that this cheesy CD was a… Continue reading Wishing You a Very Andy Williams Christmas

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Frazzled Family Christmas Bingo

Only nine days until daycare starts up again...but who is counting? Merry Christmas everyone! FRAZZLED FAMILY CHRISTMAS BINGO! Child meltdown from too much stimulation (or sugar) Eat a sweet while hiding from child Someone gets sick Marital spat Spouse begins shopping (less than 72 hours before xmas) Last minute Amazon purchase Family drama Spouse insists… Continue reading Frazzled Family Christmas Bingo

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It’s a “Bluetiful” Christmas

After we lit our Christmas tree this year, my nearly three-year-old daughter stood back and declared, "it's bluetiful mommy!" She didn't realize it but her mispronunciation rang true. It is a blue Christmas. It's a beautiful Christmas. It is bluetiful.* I am slowly, ever so slowly, starting to accept that bluetiful is the new normal. … Continue reading It’s a “Bluetiful” Christmas