a slow and saltless day

Such an odd but lovely morning. I made scones but forgot the salt. Oh well. They were still pretty satisfying. But then my kid asked if I forgot the sugar. Goodness no I did not forget the sugar — these are scones not muffins, child! And then we were late for the annual July 4th…

The Joy Inside Our Tears

Originally posted on Revealing the Absolute:
Love loves us through a sunrise, a rainstorm, a hug from a child, a panic attack. The entire spectrum of our humanity and its experiences is a single holy embrace and a nod of reassurance. Here judgment is lost forever. This, I am sure of my friend. -Atreya Thomas

. . .and we’re up at Mommyish.com!

I am so excited to share with you all that a piece I wrote, ‘Seven Things Nobody Tells You About Miscarriage” has been published on Mommyish.com! They are all about sharing the day-to-day truths related to ‘parenting imperfect’–what better home for some truth-telling about miscarriage than their site?

(Plus Mommyish loves listicles–even listicles about miscarriage despite the fact my husband thinks it is creepy. Plus they appreciate my love of animated gifs. My piece even includes a gif from Jane the Virgin! AND LIZ LEMON IN A SNUGGIE.)